Chris Bracken

  • 02 September 2006

    A Mystery Solved

    One of my biggest complaints about Japan has always been the complete and utter lack of garbage bins in this city. There are none to be found. More »

  • 01 July 2006

    Happy 139th Birthday!

    Canadians in Tokyo got a head start on the Canada Day celebrations, kicking things off at 8:30 am with a pancake breakfast at the Maple Leaf Bar & Grill, followed by a Canada Day barbeque at Yoyogi Park including hot dogs, yakitori, a massive Canadian Flag cake, and imported Canadian beer. By 6pm things, as started to wind down at the park, people started the long trek back to Shibuya and into the Maple Leaf, where it was standing room only. More »

  • 26 June 2006

    Canadian Medical Research

    Don’t let anyone tell you that Canada never contributed groundbreaking research to the medical field. First, the discovery and isolation of insulin by researchers at the University of Toronto; now this paper published in the British Medical Journal, co-authored by a Grade 8 student from Hamilton, Ontario. More »

  • 09 October 2005


    Yesterday was my first trip to the dentist in years. The last time was just before moving to Mexico, in the summer of 2001. As you might imagine, I was not entirely expecting a clean bill of dental health. The fact that I had once again ignored my dentist’s advice to floss daily was not improving my outlook one bit. More »

  • 05 August 2005

    Look At All The Pretty Pictures!

    So I moved my webpage and was all of a sudden faced with a deluge of emails from people who I never even knew read the thing. Among those emails was a request from my amigo Chaffee requesting more pictures. More »