About This Site

This site is mainly intended as a way to keep in touch with friends and family back in Canada while I'm off galavanting in other countries. After getting my degree, I moved south of the border to work as a software developer at Autodesk in San Rafael, California, just across the bridge from San Francisco. At that point, this site was mostly crammed with pictures from the City, Sonoma, and some shots of lizards and stuff.

After leaving Autodesk, I took off for Mérida, México, where the people were friendly, the food was delicious, and the telephone calls were $3.00 a minute. As a result, I dumped all the pictures and stories I could on here, mainly to avoid of dying destitute and thousands of pesos in debt to TelMex.

Eventually, I moved to the best city in the world, Tokyo, Japan, where I lived for close to five years, met my wife, and learned to speak, read, and write Japanese.  Our children were born in Japan, and it still feels more like home than anywhere else.

We now live in Mountain View, California, where I work as a software engineer for Google.

You can drop me a line anytime from my Google Profile.