Moving to the US: Importing a Canadian Vehicle

A big difference between the last time I moved to the US and this time is that this time, I've got a lot more stuff. One of those things is a recent-vintage Nissan. Faced with the prospect of selling my car and buying a new one, I chose instead to import the one I know and love. Here is my story. But be forewarned, it is not for the faint of heart.


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After close to seven fantastic years with Morgan Stanley, I've turned in my badge and exited world of finance.  I first joined Morgan in Tokyo in 2004 working in the Equities Technology group focusing on scalability in the trade processing plant, and later worked in Montréal and Vancouver in equities and commodities technology.  Throughout my career with Morgan Stanley, I've had the pleasure of working alongside a lot of incredibly bright people on some very interesting and challenging problems, mainly focusing on scalability, parallelism and system architecture.

After being made the offer one sunny Kyoto morning, and giving it some serious contemplation, I've accepted a position with Google in Mountain View, California.  While there's no question I'll miss working with all the people who made my time at Morgan Stanley such an awesome experience, I'm excited about joining Google, and looking forward to working on some tough and interesting problems in a very unique environment.