Fresh Snow

I came into work to a nice surprise this morning. Sipping on hot green tea, we all crowded around the windows to check out the view. With the recent cold snap, the views this morning are incredibly clear. A little less so when passed through the tiny lens of my cell-phone camera. To see it in person, it really does dominate the horizon; and at over 100km away, that’s a pretty big feat.



With the last days of 2004 upon us, it appears the weather has taken a turn from the relative warmth of November and December to plummet sub-zero overnight. What started as a light flurry this morning has progressed to a full-out blizzard, and it’s still coming down like crazy as I write this. In unrelated news, I’m off to Kyoto for Oshogatsu from the 31st to the 3rd. This time, I swear I’ll post pictures! Hope everyone had a happy Christmas — see you in 2005!